Claudio Donzelli is a Berlin-based Italian composer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist. In 2010, with his buddies Ian Hooper (US) and Craig Saunders (UK) he founded Mighty Oaks, a Berlin-based indie-folk band. For the past decade he's been touring across Europe and the US and releasing records with Mighty Oaks. As a solo artist he releases music and performs under his own name. In 2017 he released his solo debut Frammenti, a musical mosaic of intimate piano compositions. In 2020 he released Ossessione, a thought-provoking, interdisciplinary, conceptual work which is a track, a short film and a contemporary dance performance at the same time. His latests work is When Galaxies Collide / The Ultimate Question, a 2-track conceptual work that continues on the path traced by the previous release Ossessione. The 2 tracks are opposites that belong together and complement each other as much as light and darkness, silence and loud noise, beginning and end. They are autonomous, yet interconnected.

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