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Photo:  Antony Sojka


In the summer of 2016, I booked two days at the Jazzanova Studio in Berlin, to record a handful of piano compositions with the help of producer Axel Reinemer with the intention to save that material before flying to the US to record Dreamers, the second album of my band Mighty Oaks.

Inspired by the quality of the result, and encouraged by a couple of close friends, I decided to return to the studio for two more days later in the year, to complete the work with further arrangements and sonic treatments — various synths, drums, and a guitar cameo by my dear friend and fellow musician David Lemaitre —  allowing myself into an unconstrained, unfiltered creative process.

We ended up with 11 piano compositions, which became my debut album, Frammenti.




1. Ouverture
2. Progressione Geometrica
3. Senza Tregua
4. Foglia Nel Vento
5. Rincorrersi
6. Una Poesia
7. Sorprendersi
8. In Sospensione
9. Primavera
10. Per Miriam
11. Epilogo


Written by Claudio Donzelli.
Performed by Claudio Donzelli except guitar on "Una Poesia" by David Lemaitre.
Produced by Claudio Donzelli and Axel Reinemer.
Recorded and mixed by Axel Reinemer at Jazzanova Studio, Berlin.
Mastered by Norman Nitzsche at Calyx Mastering, Berlin.
Artwork photo by Joel Redman.

Released 29.09.2017


There are no shows planned at the moment.


18.02.16 Pesaro, Italy @ Chiesa dell'Annunziata w/ Federico Albanese
28.03.16 Berlin, Germany @ Piano Day 2016
29.10.17 Berlin, Germany @ Michelberger Hotel w/ The Havels
03.02.18 Riccione, Italy @ Spazio Tondelli w/ Peter Broderick
09.03.18 Mainz, Germany @ Altmünsterkirche w/ Kendy Gable
25.07.18 Dresden, Germany @ Palais Sommer w/ Kendy Gable
08.09.18 Berlin, Germany @ Lollapalooza Berlin 2018