Claudio Donzelli

Photo by Antony Sojka

I'm a composer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist.

I do music because I'm in love with its mysteries and believe in its power to elude any attempt to reduce it to product, mere entertainment, service or formula. I'm fascinated by its ability to enter the emotional space of individuals without boundaries, to connect and to bring people together both in the making and the listening.

In 2010, with my friends Ian Hooper (US) and Craig Saunders (UK) I founded Mighty Oaks, a Berlin-based indie-folk band. In 2021 we released our 4th album “Mexico” (#10 in Germany, #11 in Switzerland, #19 in Austria).

In 2017 I released my solo debut “Frammenti”, a musical mosaic of intimate piano compositions. In 2020 I released my latest work “Ossessione”, a concept track and a short film.

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